8th International Triticeae Symposium 2017

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The 8th International Triticeae Symposium (8ITS) will be held during June 12-16, 2017 in Wernigerode, Germany.

Triticeae is the economically most important tribe in the grass family (Poaceae). It contains the major cereal crops and forage grasses such as wheat, barley and rye. It also includes important fodder grasses in genera such as Agropyron, Elymus, Leymus, and Psathyrostachys. Because of their economic importance, plants in Triticeae are commonly used for applied and theoretical research and compared with other tribes in Poaceae.

The International Triticeae Symposium is an interdisciplinary conference organized by the International Triticeae Consortium, plant genetic resources researchers, and others. The previous seven were held in Sweden (1991), U.S.A (1994), Syria (1997), Spain (2001), Czech Republic (2005), Japan (2009), and China (2013). Its primary goal is to bring together outstanding scientists working with Triticeae to exchange information on progress and discuss future research directions with our common interests – to understand and effectively utilize Triticeae for the benefit of humankind.

This symposium includes four main themes:
Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Phytogeography
Biodiversity and Conservation
Genetics and Genomics
Breeding and Utilization
Other topics include: domestication, evolution, plant genetic resources

The Local Organizing Committee invites you to enjoy this meeting and welcomes any suggestions on the Scientific and Social Programmes.

We look forward to welcoming you in Wernigerode and Gatersleben, Germany. You can check the further progress on the website(http://www.ipk-gatersleben.de/meetings/8th-international-triticeae-symposium-2017).

More details will be provided soon. For information about past congresses see here